Why Should You Move to Texas in 2021?

Are you looking for a fresh start after how chaotic 2020 was?

Covid-19 completely changed the hustling and bustling dynamic of the busy cities we came to know and love, and recently we’ve noticed a steady stream of people leaving to look for a new life in Texas.

Elon Musk did it with Tesla, the tech company Oracle is joining them, and even the #1 podcast personality Joe Rogan decided to make the transition from the big and busy states of California and New York to a smaller city like Austin, Texas. These huge tech companies and celebrities are drawn by Texas’ lower tax rates and look forward to reaping the financial benefits, however, Texas has so much more to offer.


  • Lower Cost of Living

Between food, child care, medical expenses, housing, transportation, and entertainment costs, California is more expensive on every level. In San Antonio or Austin, you’ll find rent, groceries, and gas are more affordable.

  • 54% difference – cost of housing
  • 18% difference – cost of food
  • 8% difference – cost of health insurance
  • 14% difference – cost of entertainment 


  • Beautiful Texas Weather

While Texas is huge and the weather can vary, the bigger cities like Austin and San Antonio maintain a subtropical climate with temperatures consistently between 80-100 degrees. If you’re looking to move to Austin from California, you’ll find the weather is pretty similar and you won’t have to adapt too much.


  • Texas Food + Entertainment

If you’re a fan of live music, delicious Bar-B-Que, or authentic Mexican food, Austin and San Antonio are the places to be. Texas is home to over 2,000 BBQ restaurants.


 (Terry Black’s BBQ – Austin)                                   (Mary Lou’s Cafe – San Antonio)


You’ve decided to move and switch things up in 2021… What’s next?

If you’ve decided to make the move to Austin or San Antonio, then the first step is finding a place to live. Lyndon Management can help get you settled into one of our properties:

Cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas are the perfect place to settle down if you’re looking for great weather, affordable housing, delicious food, and so much more

From one-bedroom apartments, to three-bedroom townhomes, we have a wide selection of floor plans and amenities that will have you living comfortably. 

Contact us today to find a place you can call home.