Why Should You Move to Texas in 2021?

Are you looking for a fresh start after how chaotic 2020 was? Covid-19 completely changed the hustling and bustling dynamic of the busy cities we came to know and love, and recently we’ve noticed a steady stream of people leaving to look for a new life in Texas. Elon Musk did it with Tesla, the […]

3 Ways to Enjoy A Socially Distant Halloween

jack-o-lantern with fairy lights

This Halloween may look pretty different from most, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the spooky spirit! Here are a few ways to add some creepy-crawly cheer to your life this October:   Decorate your apartment If you’re an arts and crafts beginner: This Skeleton Garland is easy to make and provides […]

Back to School: 4 Tips for a Successful Virtual Semester

student desk in apartment

All across the country, colleges are starting back up in a way they never have before: socially distant and, in some cases, totally online. Even if you’re attending classes virtually for now, it’s still important to get into a good routine for the school year to ensure that you’re remaining productive and healthy all semester […]

5 Local Austin Businesses To Support Online During Covid-19

With days filled with interrupted video chats, long nights on Netflix, and lax dress codes, now is the perfect time to support local businesses online. And although we’d all like to be with friends having a late-night out, we have to think about the safety and health of those we care about. That’s why we’ve […]

Top 10 Best Plants For Your Apartment

apartment plants

There are so many things we love about apartment living! The ease of house maintenance, no lawn work, cute cozy spaces, and fun community events. Plants are a great way to keep your apartment feeling alive, connected to the outdoors, and fresh. Research shows that indoor plants help improve your apartment’s air quality, improve mental […]

Where Gen Z Can Find Their Most Sought After Amenities For Apartment Communities In 2020!

The Most Sought After Amenities For Apartment Complexes In 2020!

So Gen Z is in the housing market now? Yep, that’s right. People born from 1997 to 2012, or Gen Zers, have just begun to reach their early 20s. They are renting, buying, and even exploring real estate investments. So, what are the kids these days look for the most when they’re trying to rent their first apartment? What can we plan for now to better capture future renters? Let’s take a dive into the most sought after amenities for apartment complexes in 2020. We promise you don’t need to force your management staff to become Tik Tok famous to reach these audiences.

A Letter From Our CEO – Curtis Thigpen

Family photos

An Introduction Hi, my name is Curtis Thigpen. I am a husband, father, and friend… also a native Texan, former national champion Texas Longhorn and Major League Baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays, and the founder of Lyndon Management. Throughout my life, I have been blessed to experience the value of having a strong […]