5 Local Austin Businesses To Support Online During Covid-19

With days filled with interrupted video chats, long nights on Netflix, and lax dress codes, now is the perfect time to support local businesses online. And although we’d all like to be with friends having a late-night out, we have to think about the safety and health of those we care about. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 local Austin businesses to support right from the comfort of your Lyndon apartment couch.

1. Halal Bros

Coming in at number 1, we’ve got the Halal Bros, located just 16 minutes from The Berkley. With a menu packed with flavor, you’re not gonna want to miss out on this cooking. Simply use their website or any other delivery service app such as DoorDash, Favor, or UberEats to place an order and get it for pick-up or delivery.

2. Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup was founded to create the most nutrient-rich dog food for your pet without sacrificing their appetite. With a combination of non-GMO veggies and USDA meats into a vacuum-sealed bag, they’ll ship it right to your door.  Currently, they have a special offer of free shipping on all orders. Check out their flavors here or subscribe to receive a personalized bag of dog food. Did you know, pets are welcomed residents at Lyndon Management properties and we don’t have breed restrictions?

3. Mi Tradicion 

Mi Tradicion Bakery, located on Research Boulevard, offers freshly baked goodies and loaves of bread of all kinds! They believe in the power of great food and family. Click here to view their menu.

4. GoodGood Food Co.

GoodGood Food Co. has created edible cookie dough that won’t let you run the risk of getting salmonella. Made from almond flour, this delicious take on a guilty pleasure is completely gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Although their shipping option is currently unavailable, find these scrumptious flavors in a Whole Foods and Thom’s Market nearest you.

5. Clean Cause

Clean Cause offers a cleaner caffeine solution that is completely organic, crash-free, vegan, and fair trade Yerba Mate while donating 50% of their profits to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Order your flavors online here.

While you’re staying in, take some time to support local businesses in Austin, and get to know The Berkley, a cozy community apartment complex with spacious one-bedroom apartments, located in Central Austin. We offer high-quality amenities and an on-site laundry center and are in close proximity to Austin hot spots like The Domain, and Austin FC Stadium.

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